Give the Draenei beds (post #2)

So the Journey begins

First im going to introduce you to what is currently my most favourite ability in WoW

This ability is the Reason I chose Night Elf as my Race and so far it has saved me 7 times.

Anyway on we go,

I started, as all Night Elves do, In Shadowglen. Standing in front of this guy who wanted me to go and kill Nightsabers, So I went and did it errr okay no I didn’t seriously that would have made this the shortest Blog in history, right?

So I looked down on this Heathen in Pity and walked away, I left Shadowglen and followed the road I decided exploration was the way to go so I nipped down to the moonwell at Starbreeze Village to net my first bit of experience, 55xp not very much in the grand scheme of things but hey it’s a start, next stop was Dolanaar 45xp thats even worse so I decided to fly to Darnassus (which granted me 55xp) and hunt for some food crates so I could raise that 10 copper to Learn Herbalism boy was I wrong hunted for a while but not a crate in sight, Hearthed back to Dolanaar and ran down near the lake for another 45xp.

I started to head back to Darnassus on foot planning on picking up a few exploration xp on the way, some violent souls had not long cleaned out the Furbolg Population in Ban’ethil Hollow (55xp), the same story with The Cleft but that gave no XP not one, I grabbed Wellspring Lake and Wellspring Hollow (both 55xp) with no resistance. (boring so far I know but this is where it gets fun)

I was either very Brave or Very Stupid here I decided to go for Oracle Glade to reach level 2 not the road is infested with Harpies and Nightsabers I pulled a caster Harpy on the way up (these mobs are level 7-9) and managed to run far enough and shadowmeld to drop combat with over half my health left, my heart was in my throat at this point so I ran up to that wonderful tree dodging between mobs on either side of the road

Discovered Oracle Glade 55xp

DING Level 2

Nice, stood around waiting out Shadowmelds Cooldown as Hearth was on CD still, abit over excited by making it there I lost Focus slightly on the way back and manged to pull 1 Caster harpy, 1 melee and 1 nightsaber, there I was running for my one and only life I decided I was far enough from the spots I aggroed them to do it, I hit shadowmeld on the last second of the Harpy’s cast now that’s heart in throat stuff. it was at this point I decided that going after Gnarlpine Hold or any of that southern area was a bad Idea.

Running the rest of the way back to Darnassus I went on another crate hunt, still none /cry, popped through the pink teleporter to pick up Rut’theran Village and 65xp

At this I decided I was done with Teldrassil

So off to The Temple of the Moon to Port to the Exodar

Took another Free Flight, This one to Azure Watch and picked up 45xp then ran down to Ammen Ford for 45 xp and Ammen Vale 0xp I went to learn fishing but remembered i didn’t have any G /facepalm so ran off tho the Pod wreckage for another 55xp I like it round here mostly neutral mobs so I only had to shadowmeld a couple of times, Then rather Stupidly I went after Geezles Camp in this process I pulled 5 mobs at once and manged to get down to 9 of my 71HP before it was safe for me to hit Shadowmeld… Seriously Shadowmeld FTW.

Deciding I had enough for now I headed back to Azure Watch picking up Moongraze Woods 55xp, here I made the biggest mistake yet I stopped and looked at my map. as I closed my map I saw I was stood Right on top of an aggressive mob THANK BLIZZ for delay times on mobs becoming active after spawning

Anyway nokills is currently Taking in the hospitality of Caregiver Chellan at Azure Watch damn these Draenei have No Beds or Rooves, Hope it doesn’t Rain,

As I’m not level 10 yet I cant Prove my stats through the armoury so screen shots will have to do for now

Teldrassil Exploration

Azuremyst Isle Exploration

Damage Done / Received




Well that’s all for now Folks, Tell me what you think in the comments of Follow me on twitter @nokillsthedruid

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“Insert clever maybe even witty title here”

Well here we are, Post number 1.

A little about me first I guess, I have been playing WoW for a few years now, Early Burning Crusade, early as in the day it was released. So I have seen and done alot of things in the game, now I’m not some uber Hardmode raider or Gladiator ranked PvPer, but if there is one thing I’m good at in this game it is leveling and I do it ALL THE TIME, kind of an ALTaholic.

So I was thinking the other day what do you do when you have tried everything, then I came across this post on the US Forums (

Basically what Everbloom set out to do here was to level as a true pacifist in World of Warcraft so this ment No kills on any creature of any kind must be hard because I love bashing those critters and a not aiding the Alliance (or any other) war efforts in any way, so No Quests for anyone.

(she was stumped in this by a letter received at level 77 from the Argent Tournament that auto completes a quest when you open it she did Petition Blizzard to have this changed but unfortunately the GM’s were unable to help her, I say her as the character is female, I’m not sure if the player behind Everbloom is Male or Female)

During this attempt a guild was formed calledon Antonidas US which is a Zero Kills Guild some of them do Quests that dont involve killing, but thats still a feat in its self.

Anyway I had been toying around with the Idea of “Hardcore” Leveling (Diablo 2 Fans Know what I mean by this) where once you die, Your character is dead for good no rezzing at graveyard, that’s it. It is gone, then I thought that’s been done before how about… wait for it

Hardcore leveling a Pacifist

And thus nokills the Night Elf Druid was born on Anachronos EU

Yeah I know it’s not exactly the most original name but there you go it says what it needs to say so i will not kill a single mob, complete a single quest, or die if any of these things happen I reroll and start from scratch.

I am yet to find a Zero Kills Guild on EU servers so I will be starting one on Anchronos calledso if Zero Kill leveling interests you Hardcore mode or not, Questing or not and your on EU servers feel free to join us, until next time.

Don’t hit the Critters

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